Custom HVAC Hygienic Maintenance Program –

Rpm, LLC has developed several custom HVAC maintenance programs for large and small facilities.  The program is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each individual facility for maintaining proper system hygiene and mechanical operation of the following types of equipment:

  •  Air Handlers – Interior Compartments & All Components
  •  Return Fan Systems
  •  Exhaust Fan Systems
  •  Outside Air Systems
  •  HVAC Duct Systems – Externally Insulated Supply, Return & Exhaust
  •  HVAC Duct Systems – Internally Insulated Supply & Return
  •  CAV, VAV & FP Box systems
  •  Filter Systems
  •  UV Light Systems

Proper maintenance of these systems and their associated components are essential to good IAQ and occupant comfort.  Rpm’s customized hygienic maintenance program can provide documentation, cleaning, repairs and restoration of the HVAC systems and sub-systems including all internal components with the intent to reestablish and maintain the systems original design air flow requirements and operational performance.  Our maintenance programs can also include documenting the operation and performance of mechanical/electrical components and performing preventive maintenance and repairs as needed. These components include fans, shafts, bearings, belts, motors, starters, variable frequency drives, dampers, valves, filters, etc.

Rpm, LLC has the experience you need to for quality HVAC hygienic services and system performance.  Let us design a custom program for you!

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