HVAC Internal Insulation Repairs, Resurfacing & Remediation

 Rpm, LLC has extensive experience performing inspection, cleaning, repair, resurfacing and remediation/replacement of internally lined HVAC equipment and ductwork. Rpm has performed these services for commercial high rise buildings, hospitals, laboratories, and industrial facilities. We are experts in working with multi-story duct riser systems.

 Rpm begins this work by determining the current condition of the porous lining or insulation for the system. Once the system has been thoroughly inspected Rpm will issue a report to the customer with the findings. Should the findings indicate that the system needs restoration, Rpm will provide the facility with recommendations and options available for restoring the system to an improved or like new condition.

Internally lined or insulated equipment and ductwork can develop several types of issues or problems. The type of issues that exists will determine what restoration options should and should not be considered. Rpm can perform the following type of work for internally lined or insulated equipment and ductwork:

  •  Inspection
  • Cleaning – Hand and/or mechanical cleaning methods
  • Resurfacing – Apply resurfacing and anti-microbial coatings
  • Remediation – Removal of damaged or contaminated insulation
  • Repair/Replacement – Install new fiberglass or Armaflex insulation on the interior surface areas.
  • Duct Wrap – Installation, repair and replacement of exterior duct wrap insulation.
  • Multi-Story Riser Work Plan Development and Implementation


     Rpm, LLC has the experience you need for the inspection, cleaning and restoration of porous linings in HVAC equipment and ductwork. Contact us today!